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Violent Toys and Children Essays

Rough Toys and Children Essays Rough Toys and Children Essay Rough Toys and Children Essay From larning toys to smaller than expected automobiles. toys have ever been an impact on kids. Small children experience difficulty separating realities from phantasy. Youngsters learn through show. also, they learn by delineation. It is through innovative show that the child starts to larn a portion of the capacities and practices of society. Figuring out how to team up. arrange. take curves and show by the guidelines are generally of import achievements learned through dramatization. The achievement larning technique through show and games is applied in Montessori kindergartens which have gone out to fruitful strategy for learning all around the universe. Youthful male childs and misss have ever admired their Barbies or developed in elation when viewing their Hot Wheelz fly around the way looking to escape the jaws of a shark. A significant number of these toys are get bringing down to create to be increasingly sensible, for example, nerf firearms or ground powers figures. With advancements in building. an expanding whole children are get bringing down to play on their tablet or other advanced gadget rather than playing with physical toys. Fierce toys weren’t as open to kids a couple of mature ages back. also, since. kids have demonstrated an expansion in power of ages 10 and up. It is of import that brutal toys are checked in light of the fact that they are simple open. are financed by the ground powers and is going continuously well known in computer games yet these issues can be simple forestalled by guardians. The absolute most famous toys as of late have been of toy weapons or vicious statuettes which populate the racks at toy shops. Savage toys are in a bounty and are simple open to kids. The M2 Research organization did a review which indicated that 91 % of childs between the ages of 8-11 dramatization the well known shoot-them-up war game. Honorable obligation . This game is made for a more established crowd and has an ESRB assessment of M for Mature. It is evaluated M in light of violence. serious power. solid semantic correspondence which is non something a 8 twelvemonth old ought to be presented to. Many toy shops currently place their fierce focuses on the primary rack in forepart of the portal in light of their accomplishment in the market. Fierce toys can be bought in numerous shops around a city. counting neighborhood dollar shops. Games like Call of Duty are in any event, being sold at Toys R’ Us establishments. in spite of their Mature assessment. It is non hard to see that vicious toy and picture games sell when characters like Master Chief from Microsoft’s fruitful Halo establishment become the substance of explicit picture game consoles. for example, the XBOX . Youngsters can larn about their human advancement through the toys that they play with. In the event that a child was asked what a firearm was. they would have the option to put it from the GI Joe they were playing with. As expressed before. vicious toys are anything but difficult to get a hold of and would be an overwhelming endeavor for a parent to restrict their child from using them. Blending to an Article in the New York Times. The U. S. Military and the American Toy industry have a long clasp history of cooperating. The two gatherings profit by the relationship. War toys non simply impactsly affect child’s practices yet they help in developing any negative musings. indeed, even set up certain convictions on their heads that may non be appropriate for them. A few specialists contend that war toys are other than utilized as a publicity instrument that depict one gathering as right and amazing though the adversaries to be less ground-breaking and mistaken. It is parents’ counsel that is important to keep up their children off from such toys that spread fierce twisted practices in them each piece great as help them escape from the publicity pit. The relationship is non a manus off. in any case, in truth an exchange. The ground powers does non only store toy advancement. be that as it may, it other than builds up its arms and vehicles off toys. For delineation. the M-16 rifle is truly based of a product of Mattel. Other rousing focuses incorporate. SuperSoakers ( for speedy stacking rifles ) . hypothetical record planes ( recon drones ) . also, computer game bookkeepers ( for automated vehicles ) . By making new military advancements off of toy. the ground powers can create today’s military work forces as children. More youthful children have grasped electronic toys. thus hold the ground powers. The Institute for Creative Technologies. is an organization made by the ground powers in 1999. It is a collaboration between the beguilement. computer game and registering machine logical control enterprises and the Army to create arrangement reenactments. These readiness reenactments are made to be each piece near world as conceivable by using superior quality fine arts. sensible arms and engaging story lines to make a vivid evaluation of world a member encounters. which is a cardinal gross incomes property in the image game market. what's more, basic in a military reenactment. The Army presently has its ain game. America’s Army. which can be downloaded without charge from its enlisting Web website. AmericasArmy. com. At the Marine Corps Warfighting Laboratory. a 15-inch unmanned truck called the Dragon Sprinter. is guided by a six-button PC console displayed after Sony’s PlayStation 2 picture game control. Military inside decorators felt sure that troopers would be comfortable with it. what's more, somewhat prepared to use it. The Dragon bootlegger can build up with the utilization of a bungee rope or only a flip of the arm. like dither planes that a child would play with. In today’s current society where savage picture games make a major for every centum of the business. numerous children go to their image games than prepackaged games or different toys. As past U. S. Representative Joseph Lieberman ( 1998 ) expressed late. these games †¦ are bit of a harmful human advancement of power that is enveloping our children. that is helping to desensitize them and film over lines among right and inaccurate. what's more, advancing probably the most powerless of them to execute brutality . Truth be told. playing rough picture games was embroiled as a potential contributory factor in schoolyard butchers. explicitly at Columbine High and Westside Middle School in 1999. Notwithstanding the turning concern. kids despite everything appear to be passing more clasp playing computer games. An ongoing report discharged by the Kaiser Family Foundation ( 1999 ) uncovers that a greater part of 2 to 18-year-old children in the U. S. have course to an image game reassure in their place. Around three-fourths of all children studied have at any rate one comfort. Other than. a third of all children in this age bunch have an image game framework in their ain room. The data from this review other than demonstrates that 8 to 18-year-old male childs burn through 41 proceedingss per twenty-four hours playing picture games while misss in this age bunch spend just 12 proceedingss. These discoveries propose that numerous children non simply hold course to put down wager oning frameworks. in any case, other than spend probably some clasp each twenty-four hours playing such. A few surveies have analyzed the effect that betting has on individuals’ forceful tendencies. A portion of the examination directed during the 1980s found a connection between game playing and animosity. Computer games during the 1980s did non even contrast with the practical picture rounds of today and were significantly less fierce. Predictable with this idea. later grounds found by the University of New South Whales proposes a positive connection between playing synergistic savage media and forceful. what's more, lean toward savage betting substance. There is other than a turning natural structure research done by Stoney Brook University that shows a nexus between playing brutal picture games and forceful thoughts. readings. as well as conduct. A similar examination laborers uncovered that playing savage picture games is essentially related to forceful conduct. As an outcome from this exploration. it ecomes of import to break down only how much power is in computer games famous with youngster. In spite of the fact that the exploration shows how negative brutal picture games can be on society. their prominence keeps on expanding. There are more than 40. 000. 000 transcripts of Call of Duty. the most well known establishment. in the U. S. totally. Viciousness gives a vivid blast that predominantly guys are designed to lounge and this sells the product. Kids are perpetually distinguishing the universe around them and with the impact of savage toys. it is of import that guardians take a decent assault by checking and seting the situations towards power. It will be a hard test to set a terminal to compel in toy and media. what's more, for more noteworthy chances of progress. it is of import that guardians accommodate their child’s positions toward power. Entirely cutting of a child from vicious toys and games may reverse discharge as the child may need the illegal. Keeping a weapon does non do all children potential slayers. however, whenever clarified. can rather be utilized for killing firedrakes with their creativity. Guardians ought to other than investigate the Entertainment Software Ratings Board ( ESRB ) showed on all computer game spreads. The ESRB advises guardians on the substance inside the game. what's more, its age-fittingness. Parental controls are other than accessible on all new picture game consoles. Guardians can use these controls to deny content they do non O.K. of in games and even media that is spilled through the gadgets. Guardians ought to other than confine the utilization of brutal focuses in their family to chop down chances of their child going fixated. It is conceivable that a child turns out to be sincerely attache

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Beloved Paper Supernatural Free Essays

Darling Essay: Supernatural A significant piece of the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison is the situation of somebody being spooky. The heavenly component plagues the novel. The characters are spooky by the past, in view of the decisions they’ve made and the things they’ve done. We will compose a custom paper test on Cherished Paper: Supernatural or on the other hand any comparative subject just for you Request Now The entirety of the characters were influenced by subjugation, however Sethe, Denver, and Paul D are spooky by the past that stretches and handles them in 124. Beloved’s character is an undeniable utilization of the powerful. She’s like a vampire that sucks the spirit, the heart, and the psyche of her mom while depleting the connections that exists between Denver with Sethe and Sethe with Paul D. Sethe is the most drastically frequented in the book. She is the one whose past is appalling to such an extent that it is unpreventable. How might she get away from an earlier time when it is truly separated of her? She is the person who was forever scarred by subjection both truly and allegorically. She has scars left from being whipped that she calls a â€Å"tree†. She depicts it as â€Å"A chokecherry tree. Trunk, branches, and even leaves. Small chokecherry leaves. However, that was eighteen years prior. Could have fruits too now for all I know† (pg. 16). She is the one experienced subjugation and got away from it. She chose to kill her own kid as opposed to permit her to be constrained into servitude, since she had experienced so much it. It is slanted that her past is spoken to on her back, implying that it is something that is behind her, something she can't see yet realizes that is there. Sethe realizes that the past has appended itself to her yet its frequenting has not quit developing. Sethe doesn’t appear to perceive that the frequenting is genuinely with her the entire time, since it empties the life from her. At the point when Paul D enters Sethe’s life, he finds a frequenting of Sethe very quickly. He strolls into 124 and sees that there is an undesirable soul in the house, â€Å"It was dismal. Strolling through it, an influx of despondency drenched him so altogether he needed to cry† (pg. 9). Paul D halted Beloved’s frequenting, in her soul structure, the first run through by shouting â€Å"God damn it! Quiet! Disregard the spot! Get the Hell out! † (pg. 18). In any case, Beloved is Sethe’s most noteworthy frequent and it is when Beloved shows up in physical structure that Sethe is compelled to pivot and stand up to the past. The inversion of intensity from Sethe to Beloved is when Beloved began to become like a parasite to Sethe. The parasitic part of parenthood is intensified in this novel, similar to the manner in which the hatchling is a parasite to the mother’s uterus, sucking the life from and keeps on sustaining its body by taking the mother’s body and supplements. Cherished is the powerful portrayal of this. Her psyche and activities talk as a youngster not a grown-up. She adores her mom and needs her everything to herself like a little multi year old kid. She even loves Denver like a younger sibling, yet she is likewise desirous of her and the relationship she has with her mom and the way that Denver endure and she didn’t. Cherished cases Sethe â€Å"I am Beloved and she is mine† (pg. 210). An average multi year old will successfully get what she needed, so Beloved â€Å"made requests. Anything she needed she got, and when Sethe came up short on things to give her, Beloved designed desire† (pg. 240). Dearest has taken such a great amount from Sethe that Sethe’s mental limits decrease since she has surrendered any idea of life other than concentrating on dealing with Beloved and that's it. Her own blame had made it so natural for her to be ensnared by Beloved. The possibility of Beloved leaving would pound her, accordingly her biggest dread was â€Å"that Beloved may leave. That before Sethe could cause her to comprehend what it implied what it took to drag the teeth of that saw under the little jawline; to feel the infant blood siphon like oil in her grasp; to hold her face so her head would remain on†¦ † (pg. 251). Sethe didn’t do anything, can’t do anything aside from â€Å"those times when Beloved required her†¦ she sat in the seat licking her lips like a chastised kid while Beloved gobbled up her life, took it, expand with it, became taller on it. What's more, the more seasoned lady yielded it up without a murmur† (pg. 250) Towards the finish of the novel, Beloved changed from being a blameless youngster who simply needed to be with her mom, she turned into a fiendishness misleading kid who needs vengeance from her mom for executing her. Sethe’s liability made it that a lot simpler for her to do as such. At the point when Paul D initially appeared at the doorstep of 124, he appeared to be mindful of the need of going up against the past so as to get away from its hold. He attempted to help Sethe pardon herself and she should have a sense of security about wandering â€Å"inside† her difficult recollections. When Beloved’s appearance powers Sethe to confront the past and the recollections started to devour her totally. The main way Sethe can escape Beloved’s hold is just with the assistance of everyone around her. Denver attempts to keep Sethe alive; the network assists with removing Beloved; Paul D bolsters Sethe by revealing to her that she, not her kids, is her own best thing. The main way they can partake later on together is to manage the past. The otherworldly perspective assumed a major job in the novel Beloved by Toni Morrison. The characters are spooky by their pasts, from the decisions that they’ve made and the things that they’ve done. The characters needed to overlook the past and desert everything, on the grounds that â€Å"this isn't a story to pass on. † The narrator’s cautioning is proposed to advise us that it is difficult to keep that history in our memory, however it isn't useful for us to recollect it either. Overlooking the past should be possible if there is nothing that will remind the individual about it, however how might it be overlooked when the past is frequenting you in the physical structure? Sethe was fortunate the individuals around her got her wake up and proceed with her life. The most effective method to refer to Beloved Paper: Supernatural, Papers

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Word of the Week! A Priori Richmond Writing

Word of the Week! A Priori Richmond Writing Yes, I know it is two words, but you will hardly ever encounter this phrase or its counterpart a posteriori outside academia. Inside it, the Latin term speaks volumes and appears often enough to merit recognition in the blog. The phrase occurs as adjective and adverb. I often run into it, casually, as a noun. That usage does not appear in my references (but I like it anyway). I first puzzled over  a priori  concepts  (and had more than a few of them toppled)in the early 1980s, when I was an undergrad at The University of Virginia.   As I came to understand it then, the term meant principles we assume to be true with out any further questioning, an idea that I came to see as fundamentally at odds with academic inquiry. A priori  ideas were, in my graduate program at Indiana heavy with postmodern literary theory, lampooned. I suppose this a priori  statement would get the founder of UVA, Thomas Jefferson, in trouble were he to write in an essay for some of my grad-school classes: We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. That Declaration gave us one of the most famous a priori statements in recorded history and began a revolution that one hopes has not ended. But wait.  It appears that I need more schooling before I make any claims  a priori.   I assumed something, and as a student once said in class, assume makes an ass of u and me. When I open the pages of  The American Heritage Dictionary, my sense of our phrase comes third. Instead, the reference book gives  proceeding from a known or assumed cause pride of place. The OED Online puts my sense of a priori second, as in accordance with ones previous knowledge or prepossessions.   The dictionary also provides a clear 1862 example, Reason commands us, in matters of experience, to be guided by observational evidence, and not by à priori principles. We have lost the accent over the a, but I lost more in my reasoning without further investigation.   Both reference works imply that  a priori ideas do not provide the final word for anything. They are, instead, merely presuppositions for making future claims. That works well with fundamental principles of academic reasoning. H.W Fowlers classic  A Dictionary of Modern English Usage links a priori reasoning to deduction. Mr. Holmes would be proud of us. A priori reasoning works well outside revolutionary manifestos, the Humanities, or detective work; it is, in fact, essential in the natural sciences. In physics, bodies near the Earth fall at 32 feet per second per second. It was not until Galileos era that we came to understand how gravity is related to the mass of a planet and would not be the same on other heavenly bodies. Empirical evidence followed.   That new scientific principle became, then, a new  a priori  concept for those working in the field. With the end of the semester nigh, consider the a priori concepts you have had challenged or overturned in your lifes journey. More will follow,  a posteriori  when learning new ideas. I leave that up to the reader to learn, along with the meanings of  a posteriori. This blog will continue all summer, so nominate a word by e-mailing me (jessid -at- richmond -dot- edu) or leaving a comment below. See all of our Words of the Week  here. If   you want to read more about whether Sherlock Holmes employs deductive or inductive reasoning, have a peek here. Images courtesy of Wikipedia.

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The Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare - 1174 Words

â€Å"If you are sure you understand everything that is going on, you are hopelessly confused† (Walter F. Mondale, 42nd Vice-President of the United States). The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, written by William Shakespeare, is a classic piece of literature in which the characters’ actions alone contribute to one’s understanding of the entire story. One such character is known as the fair Ophelia, Hamlet’s lover. Ophelia is naive, malleable, and muddled. Throughout the play, Ophelia is seen as an oblivious maiden who is just another role in the story. However, as the play progresses, the audience begins to uncover more and more about who she really is, and her character begins to develop. Ophelia is easily tricked into doing her father’s†¦show more content†¦Immediately after a traumatizing experience where Hamlet abuses Ophelia and declares that he never loved her, she cries, â€Å"That unmatched form and feature of blown youth bla sted with ecstasy. Oh, woe is me, t have seen what I have seen, see what I see!† (3.1.133). Ophelia is so remarkably naive that she can not even begin to comprehend why Hamlet is so unbelievably hard to understand. She is distraught and lost in an endless whirl of tragedies and it is too much to handle. She is devastated at the thought of Hamlet not loving her. Perhaps she was just too ingenuous to envision the truth for herself. As time goes on, she grows more and more aware of everyone’s true intentions, maturing to a more independent and self-assured young woman. But when her father is killed abruptly, Ophelia snaps. She is driven to insanity that leads her to despair, jumping into a river thus, drowning herself. As Gertrude tries to explain to Laertes of his sister, Ophelia’s, death and she states, â€Å"There with fantastic garlands did she come of crowflowers, nettles, daisies, and long purples [...] down her weedy trophies and herself fell in the weeping brook† (4.7.235). Even just a few moments before she drowns she is collecting flowers just like an adolescent young woman. While at the beginning and end of the play Ophelia is seen as naive, in between she presents a different personality. In addition toShow MoreRelatedThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare1427 Words   |  6 PagesWhy has Hamlet’s rage led him to a death that was destined to happen? Simple, his absolute motive was to seek revenge for the death of his father, who was once the King of Denmark. In this tragedy, Hamlet wanted to put on this image of an insane man. This would mislead the people around him from his intentions of killing King Claudius, who is strangely his uncle and â€Å"father† simultaneously. Claudius takes the throne for Denmark after pouring poison down King Hamlet’s ear without leaving any evidenceRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare1483 Words   |  6 PagesWilliam Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet is a misfortunate play that exhibits Prince Hamlet’s internal and external conflicts which show the ultimate purpose of the story. Revenge is perhaps the greatest theme in Hamlet, and is shown by the conflicts Prince Hamlet has w ith his family, friends, and a girlfriend as well as within his self. The anguish Hamlet feels towards his new father and his mother is magnified by the discovery that they were both involved in his father, the king’s, murder. ThisRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare1131 Words   |  5 PagesTragedy, according to American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, is a drama or literary work in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow, especially as a consequence of a tragic flaw, moral weakness, or inability to cope with unfavorable circumstances. In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet, Prince of Denmark, tragedy is no short supply. Shakespeare takes the reader on a journey of epic proportions through the struggles and conflicts, internal andRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare1543 Words   |  7 Pagesplay, The Tragedy of Hamlet, seems to have a domino effect. As Hamlet tries to get his reve nge, he brings ruin upon the kingdom. Hamlet is self-doubtful; he doubts himself to a point where he does not know what is true in his life. He constantly contradicts himself, causing many people, whose death was unintended, to die. In Williams Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet, in order to portray Hamlet’s tragedy, Shakespeare uses soliloquies, metaphors, symbolism, and anti-thesis. Shakespeare utilizesRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay822 Words   |  4 PagesIn 1604, William Shakespeare finished one of the most famous plays of revenge in English history. This play has left a plethora of questions, most left unanswered even after the hundreds of scholars who have analyzed it. The complexity and multiple facades of the characters, the use of many themes, and the symbols in this play have been construed into a delicate tale; Shakespeare purposely left out many details in order to shroud this piece in mystery. In The Tragedy of Hamlet, Shakespeare s vagueRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare2594 Words   |  11 PagesJulian A tragedy is a dramatic work that is about a character whose tragic flaw leads to his downfall and to the demise of many of the other characters. William Shakespeare was a playwright during the Elizabethan Era who was made famous for his literary works of tragedies, comedies and sonnets. One of Shakespeare?s most renowned tragedies is Hamlet. In this classic tragedy the protagonist, Hamlet, pursues revenge and seeks justice against the antagonist, Claudius, for the murder of King Hamlet. As aRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare1146 Words   |  5 Pages How certain can one be that they will see tomorrow? How certain can one be that they will see the next second? In William Shakespeare’s The Tragedy of Hamlet, all of the characters face uncertainty at some point in the story. The character of Hamlet is, for lack of a better term, a laggard; he procrastinates like no other, making him an uncertain character in his entirety. His most famous line is â€Å"To be , or not to be? That is the question.† The entire scene is about Hamlet’s uncertainty about suicideRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay1334 Words   |  6 PagesIn William Shakespeare’s, The Tragedy of Hamlet, each character stands out in unique ways. Madness is one of the crucial themes as Shakespeare depicts the chaotic turbulence in the Hamlet family and the court of Denmark. Though she is generally read as a minor character, Ophelia’s madness reveals the struggle of the female character that attempts to have a voice of her own. Ophelia’s life certainly seems tragic based on Aristotle s definition of tragedy, which says that â€Å"A tragedy is the imitationRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare Essay1829 Words   |  8 PagesThe tragedy of Hamlet, written by William Shakespeare is one of the best tragedies ever written. The term hamartia, coined by the philosopher Aristotle in his writing Poetics, can be d efined as â€Å"tragic flow,† to miss the mark â€Å"leading to a mistake† (American Heritage Dictionary). Aristotle points out that: tragedy is an imitation not only of a complete action, but of events inspiring fear or pity as well as the tragic hero must not be an utter villain or a perfect man, but he must be, then: theRead MoreThe Tragedy Of Hamlet By William Shakespeare1931 Words   |  8 Pages William Shakespeare is an English Poet known for his famous dramatized writings. Shakespeare was born in the United Kingdom in April. Here are some of his legendary texts: â€Å"Macbeth†, â€Å"Julius Caesar†, and â€Å"Hamlet†. â€Å"The Tragedy of Hamlet† was written during the sixteenth century and was performed in 1609. Shakespeare writes this tragedy to reveal the roles of women during the Middle Ages. Back then females were referred as noblewomen and were expected to do the following: run households, take care

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Symbolism In Cast Away - 1114 Words

â€Å"I’m so sad that I don’t have Kelly. But I’m so grateful that she was with me on that island. And I know what I have to do now. I gotta keep breathing. Because tomorrow the sun will rise. Who knows what the tide could bring.† In the movie Cast Away Tom Hanks plays the role of Chuck Noland an executive for Fed Ex who is obsessed with time. Chucks plane crashes over the Pacific Ocean during a storm leaving him stranded on an island. Chuck has to face many challenges through the years physically, mentally, and emotionally. Kelly his girlfriend is his biggest motivation for staying alive. Chuck eventually builds a raft and is rescued, only to find out that everything back home has changed. The theme of Cast Away is about learning to be†¦show more content†¦After realizing that he would not be rescued anytime soon Chuck starts to think about survival. Another person’s body who was on the plane floats onto the island as well as some Fed Ex p ackages. Chuck takes the person’s shoes and buries the body, I think Chuck does this because he knows he will need shoes in order to survive on the island. Chuck also starts to open some of the packages something he would have never done if it weren’t for necessity. Chuck becomes very grateful for the thinks in boxes like the flashlight, the volleyball, and the ice skates. All of those items contribute to him surviving on the island. The setting of the movie shows us the difference from Chuck not being appreciative or grateful to later actually valuing things. When Chuck is still in Memphis the only thing he cares about is time and living by the clock. Chucks lifestyle seems very busy giving little to no time to enjoy what is happening around him. When he is on the island the only noises we hear are those of nature, everything is very peaceful and quiet. Often times we see Chuck sleeping in a cave when it is raining or on the sand. All of the things he once had back in Memphis which he probably didn’t appreciate like a bed or a roof above his head are gone. Kelly’s character helps us realize how unappreciative Chuck was about their relationship. Chuck was at a family Christmas dinner with Kelly when he got a phone call about having to leave to fix aShow MoreRelatedBiblical Allusions in Shirley Jackson’s The Lottery1444 Words   |  6 Pagessuch as sin, Jesus saving Mary, Jesus dying on the cross, and more. Making each statement count in her short story to touch the reader, she uses variety approaches of literary device to help conduct the allusions that she is implying. Using names, symbolism, and flashbacks, Jackson is tries to almost become identical to a few different events within the Bible. First off, in order to understand the biblical allusions that are strongly expressed through Jackson’s literature within â€Å"The Lottery†, oneRead More1994 George Orwell Dramatic performance analysis1455 Words   |  6 Pagesof Tom Parsons and Syme create an interesting feel to the play. Once they are killed off or ‘evaporated’, they appear in a number of different roles such as guards in the Ministry of Love or policemen arresting Winston and Julia. This double use of cast members creates a simplistic feel that stops the play from becoming overcrowded and complicated. Julia’s role in the performance plays a significant part, as she is the only female present throughout the play. Her personality screams hope forRead MoreThe Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas Literary Analysis1697 Words   |  7 PagesIn the short stories â€Å"The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas† by Ursula Le Guin and â€Å"A Modest Proposal† by Jonathan Swift, the authors use literary criticism so the reader can dissect the many different literary elements such as symbolism and vivid ironic imagery that help explain the parallel theme going on in both stories. To achieve a world with peace throughout and reach a state of utopia some moral and ethical decay will take place. Both stories have social issues that test the citizens moral andRead MoreThe Museum Of Glass Art Movement999 Words   |  4 Pagescalled Provider II. It is a cast glass-lost wax process piece with ceramic and reverse painting on plate glass. The cast glass-lost wax process is a complex glass sculpting process which Palusky describes as both tedious and time consuming, albeit well worth the effort. A wax sculpture is encased in several layers of clay, then the wax is steamed out and the clay form is filled with glass and fired. After a period of time, sometimes months, the clay form is gently broken away to reveal the glass sculptureRead MoreApocalypse Now By Francis Ford Coppola1073 Words   |  5 Pagesuses the river to symbolize this dissent into madness. The further up the river the crew got, the more dehumanized they became. Even Coppola’s choice of title Apocalypse Now screams what this movie is about. This symbolism accompanied by perfectly paired music and camera angles that often cast shad ows strongly show the madness of war. Coppola expresses the decline into insanity in stages. In this first stage, there is still have plenty of light and very few shadows. This stage represents the dehumanizationRead MoreAnalysis Of Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter 866 Words   |  4 Pagesthe true form of her to be shown, albeit only to Dimmesdale and Pearl. Through her actions, Hester has used this location to tear away the shackles of Puritanical expectation and define who she really is by the only laws that matter, nature’s. The forest continues the attempt by Hester and Dimmesdale to flee the strict laws of the Puritans when they discuss running away together. In this instance, the forest serves as a setting for escape into nature. During this discussion, the sky â€Å"forth burstRead MoreThe Cask Of Amontillado By Edgar Allan Poe1575 Words   |  7 Pagesdo to you that would cause you to commit murder? Could you get away with it? Montresor is the murderous narrator who has committed the perfect murder in just such a tale, â€Å"The Cask of Amontillado.† Montresor plots and kills an unwary friend/foe during carnival time for motives that are unclear. The author of this tale, Edgar Allan Poe, influenced by his somewhat tragic life and one of the most influential Gothic writers, uses symbolism and irony to show the multitude of complicated motives of theRead MoreSymbolism Of Nathaniel Hawthorne s The Scarlet Letter882 Words   |  4 PagesSymbolism in The Scarlet Letter The Scarlet Letter was a novel written in the 1850 s by a man named Nathaniel Hawthorne. Throughout the Scarlet Letter he uses scads of literary devices. The literary devices are there to give the novel more depth. The main device he uses in the novel is symbolism. Hawthorne uses the symbolism to make an object have more than one meaning. Three of the elements he uses as symbols are the scarlet letter, Pearl, and the forest. These symbols are seen differently by theRead MoreAnalysis of Hawthrone ´s The Mminister ´s Black Veil Essay977 Words   |  4 Pagesthe veil into the grave. The big, unsolved mystery, however—that remains unsolveable for both the reader and the townspeople—is why the veil? Hawthorne leaves this open to interpretation, but in his typical fashion, leaves a likely opening for symbolism. â€Å"And lo! On every visage a black veil!† says Reverend Hooper, pointing to a possible explanation: that he is representing something that all people harbor with a physical manifestation—the veil. Black Veil 1 But what could he be representingRead MoreSymbolism in The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas and Sur by Guin1519 Words   |  7 Pages Guin’s Symbolic Meanings Symbolism is commonly used by authors that make short stories. Guin is a prime example of how much symbolism is used in short stories such as â€Å"The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas† and â€Å"Sur.† In both of these stories Guin uses symbolism to show hidden meanings and ideas. In â€Å"The Ones Who Walk Away from Omelas† there is a perfect Utopian city, yet in this perfect city there is a child locked in a broom closet and it is never let out. A few people leave the city when they

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Understand Your Fats and Fibers Free Essays

Dr. Joseph F. Robare Bad tats are saturated and trans tats. We will write a custom essay sample on Understand Your Fats and Fibers or any similar topic only for you Order Now Saturated tats are mostly in meats, dairy products and tropical oils. Saturated fat raises both bad cholesterol and good cholesterol, while trans-fat only raises bad cholesterol. This makes trans fats technically worse than saturated fats. The better fats would be monounsaturated and polyunsaturated. Monounsaturated will lower your cholesterol, and unlike polyunsaturated they do not lower your good cholesterol. Your best fats would be the omega-3s (fish oil). This fat has shown to protect people from sudden cardiac death (Schardt,2002). Before you can understand the difference between good and bad fats, you need to some information about them. There are four major types of fats: monounsaturated fats, polyunsaturated fats, saturated fats, and trans-fats. Monounsaturated fats and polyunsaturated fats are known as good fats because they are good for your heart, your cholesterol, and your overall health. These fats are found in olive, soybean, canola, and corn oils, avocados, fatty fish, and soymilk. Saturated fats and trans-fats are known as bad fats because they increase your risk of disease and elevate cholesterol. These bad fats can be found in high-fat cuts of meat, packaged snack foods, butter, cheese, vegetable shortening, fried foods, and candy bars. Foods containing trans-fats, or trans fatty acids, are harmful because they are known to increase the risk of heart disease, increase total cholesterol levels, and cause your healthy HDL (good) cholesterol levels to drop. They are also responsible for clogging arteries and causing obesity. Saturated fat is a fat that contains only saturated fatty acids, is solid at room temperature, and comes mainly from animal food products. Some examples of saturated fat are butter, lard, meat fat, solid shortening, palm oil, and coconut oil. Saturated fat tends to raise the level of cholesterol in the blood. Unsaturated fat is a fat that is liquid at room temperature and comes from a plant, such as olive, peanut, corn, cottonseed, sunflower, safflower, or soybean oil. Unsaturated fat does not to raise the level of LDL (‘bad’) cholesterol in the blood. Trans-fatty acids are an unhealthy substance that is made through the chemical process of hydrogenation of oils. Hydrogenation solidifies liquid oils and increases the shelf life and the flavor stability of oils and foods that contain them. Trans-fatty are acids found in vegetable shortening and in some margarine, crackers, cookies, and snack foods. Trans-fatty acids are also found in many deep-fried foods. Trans-fatty acids raise the ‘bad’ (LDL) cholesterol and lower the ‘good’ (HDL) cholesterol levels in blood, increasing the risk of heart disease. Trans-fatty acids are also known as trans-fat. Hydrogenated fats are saturated-like fats made from plant oils and fats that have been heated and pressure-processed. Hydrogenated fats are created when oil that is largely unsaturated, such as corn oil, has hydrogen added to it, causing fat to become more solid at room temperature. Lipids include such compounds as fats, fatty acids and cholesterol. Their most prominent function is providing energy for the body. Fiber and lipids are two different kinds of carbohydrates that are very important parts ofa human’s diet. Fiber is what carries fats and cholesterol out of the body. It also helps in having a healthy diet and will help in managing your weight. Fiber is considered to be in the soluble and insoluble. Soluble fiber is a type of fiber in which the dissolves in the water to form a gel like material. This process can help lowering cholesterol and the levels of glucose in the human digestion. Soluble ?ber is tound in oats, peas, beans, apples, citrus, truits carrots, barley and psyllium. (Mayo Clinic Staff, 2010). Insoluble fiber cannot be bsorbed as well as dissolved in the water; in its original form, it will pass the digestive tract. Insoluble fiber has benefits in the digestive system. Insoluble fiber offers many benefits to intestinal health, including a reduction in the risk and occurrence of colorectal cancer, hemorrhoids, and constipation (My Food Diary). Some good sources of insoluble fiber and they are whole wheat in bread, rice, nuts as well as some vegetables. How to cite Understand Your Fats and Fibers, Papers

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Analysis and ploicy Tom Ltd and Jerry Ltd

Questions: 1.Calculate the following ratios for Tom Ltd and Jerry Ltd ensuring you show your formula and workings? 2.Write a report commenting on the performance and position of Tom Ltd and Jerry Ltd. Include a summary table of the results you have used in your discussion? 3.With reference to your ratio calculations, comment on the importance of identifying accounting policy choices when comparing ratios for entities, or when comparing ratios for a single entity over time? Answers: 1. Return on assets = EBIT / Total assets Tom Ltd Jerry Ltd = $65,000 / $410,000 = 15.9% = $75,000 / $310,000 = 24.2% Return on Equity = Profit available to shareholders / Equity Tom Ltd Jerry Ltd = $55,000 / $330,000 = 16.7% = $65,000 / $230,000 = 28.3% Profit Margin = Net profit / Revenue Tom Ltd Jerry Ltd = $55,000 / $300,000 = 18.3% = $65,000 / $300,000 = 21.7% Current Ratio = Current assets / current liabilities Tom Ltd Jerry Ltd = $110,000 / $30,000 = 3.7 = $110,000 / $30,000 = 3.7 Assets Turnover = Net Sales / Total assets Tom Ltd Jerry Ltd = $300,000 / $410,000 = 0.7 = $300,000 / $310,000 = 1 Debt Ratio = Total liabilities / total assets Tom Ltd Jerry Ltd = $80,000 / $410,000 = 0.2 = $80,000 / $310,000 = 0.3 (Khan, Jain, 2005) Question One Part b 2. A summary of ratios for both companies Tom Ltd and Jerry Ltd is given below: Ratio Tom Ltd Jerry Ltd Return on assets 15.9% 24.2% Return on equity 16.7% 28.3% Profit margin 18.3% 21.7% Current ratio 3.7 3.7 Asset turnover 0.7 1.0 Debt ratio 0.2 0.3 Performance of Tom Ltd and Jerry Ltd The performance of a company is measured by its profitability and efficiency ratios. The profitability ratios included in the above table are return on assets, return on equity and profit margin. Asset turnover is the efficiency ratio. Jerry Ltd has a higher profitability as compared to Tom ltd as all the profitability ratios for the company is higher. This is majorly because of one expense that is the depreciation expense which is higher for Tom Ltd. ad this expense has made all the difference. The net profit of Tom Ltd. is less. Jerry Ltd has a higher return on assets ratio because it has higher earnings before tax and expenses and also lower total assets. Tom Ltd has taken the fair value of the property, plant and equipment. This reflects a higher value of the non current assets, thus increasing the total assets. Also the depreciation has been applied on this fair value of property, plant and equipment, thus giving higher depreciation expenses. Therefore, Tom Ltd has lower net profits and higher total assets leading to a low return on assets. Tom Ltd has a lower return on equity due to lower net profits available to its shareholders and also a higher value of the equity. This coupled effect has reduced the return on equity for Tom Ltd. whereas Jerry Ltd. has a higher return on equity due to higher net profits and a lower equity value. This means Jerry Ltd is providing higher returns to its shareholders. Jerry Ltd has a higher profit margin due to increased net profit. The revenue for both the companies is the same. As a result of difference in the net profit, the profit margin is different for both the companies. Jerry Ltd. gives higher returns on its sales. Jerry Ltd. has a better assets turnover ratio. This is because it has lower total assets. Jerry records its assets at the historical cost due to which the total assets appear lower on the balance sheet. For Tom Ltd. the assets are recorded at fair value which is higher than the historical cost, thus the total assets value appears higher for Tom Ltd. on the balance sheet. The revenue for both the companies is the same. A higher assets turnover ratio means that the company is able to utilize its assets efficiently in generating sales. With lower total assets, Jerry Ltd. is able to generate the same amount of revenue as Tom Ltd. thus indicating better utilization of assets to generate sales. Thus from the above analysis of the profitability and efficiency ratios, we see that Jerry Ltd. ahs a better performance in both the categories. The difference in the performance is solely based on the difference in the accounting policies of depreciation and recording of fixed assets in the balance sheet. Position of Tom Ltd and Jerry Ltd The financial position of the company is measured through the liquidity and the solvency ratios. In the above table, current ratio is the liquidity ratio and debt ratio is the solvency ratio. The current ratio measures the short term liquidity of the company. It measures if the company has sufficient current assets to pay for its current obligations. Both the companies have the same current ratio. The current ratio of both companies is 3.7. This means the current assets are 3.7 times the current liabilities. This shows high liquidity of both the companies. Both companies have enough current assets to pay for their current liabilities, thus making them highly liquid. The ideal current ratio is 2. The debt ratio is a long term solvency ratio and measures the ability of a company to pay for its assets with its liabilities.(John, Subramanyam, Halsey, 2007) 3. Ratio analysis is majorly used by firms to analyse the performance and also for making financial performance comparisons between two companies. However, there are certain limitations of ratio analysis. One such limitation is on account of the use of different accounting policy being used by the two firms in question. Like in the above case, though both the firms are identical in all their revenues, expenses, assets and liabilities but the only difference lies in the accounting policy relating to measurement of fixed assets of plant property and equipment. The firm which records the fixed assets at the historical cost has recorded the asset at the lower value since the fair value of the asset is higher as per current market prices. Hence, the value of fixed assets of Tom Ltd. is higher than Ltd. This has affected the profit through depreciation charges. The depreciation is calculated on the carrying values of the plant and machinery. Tom Ltd. has higher depreciation charges because of high value of the same assets as possessed by Jerry Ltd. therefore the profits of Tom Ltd. have been reduced by that amount. Also both the companies use different deprecation methods. Jerry Ltd uses diminishing value method of depreciation and Tom Ltd. uses straight line method. Under diminishing method of depreciation, higher depreciation charges are applied in the initial years and lower in the later years. Under straight line method, same percentage of depreciation is applied every year. Due to this difference in accounting policy, the depreciation charges differ for both the companies, and they have a direct impact on the profits. This affects the financial performance of the companies.(Alayemi, 2015) Even for a single firm, ratio analysis may yield misleading results for two years where accounting policy has been changed over the years. Lets say if the company has changed its accounting policy on measuring the companys plant and machinery from historical cost to the fair value. This will have two effects, first a change in the value of fixed assets appearing on the balance sheet and the change in the depreciation charge which will directly impact the profits. Thus both financial performance and the financial position ratio results will change for the same company. Thus ratio analysis cannot be applied for companies using different accounting policies as for the same revenue and profits, the performance results may vary. References Alayemi, S.A., (2015), Choice of Accounting Policy: Effects on Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statements, American Journal of Economics, Finance and Management, Vol.1, No.3 John, J.W., Subramanyam, K.R., Halsey, R., (2007), Financial Statement Analysis, 9th edition, New Delhi, Tata McGraw- Hill Khan, M.Y., Jain, P.K., (2005), Basic Financial Management, second edition, New Delhi, Tata McGraw-Hill